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Maxbell Outdoor Hiking Camping Compass Measuring Azimuth

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  • Easy carry
  • 360 degree rotation scale
  • Function :North, orientation, positioning, ranging, measuring slope (pitch angle), measuring azimuth, mapping ruler, magnifying glass, etc
  • Accuracy: + 1 °
  • Material: high strength zinc alloy, toughened glass


  • Size: approxi.85 * 53 * 30 mm
  • 1. Damping dial is conducive to the stability of the pointer, more suitable for sports, rugged environment, the arrow that the N pole (the North Pole), which is the vast majority of Northropagy annotation method
  • 2. Can rotate the direction of the table card, through a flap and table-shaped card retaining ring and clamping the edge positioning.
    Orientation table on a magnifying glass, you can more clearly see the position, do not underestimate the length of a short two lines, a lot of features to be achieved through it
    Damping dial inner circle of the scale of 360 degrees azimuth division, the outer ring of 64-00 density system division, density division is the military commonly used azimuth measurement units, the United States and the original NATO standard 64-00 system, China and the former Warsaw Pact is the standard 60-00 system, according to the different density system corresponding 1-bit conversion for the angle = 360 / density system (degrees), the US 64-00-bit system Compass 1 density = 360/6400 = 0.05625 (degrees), China's 97-type compass used in the 60-00 dense system, 1 density = 360/6000 = 0.06 (degrees).
  • 3. to determine the North, the correct way is this, in the palm of your hand in the end flat, arrow (N pole) refers to the North:
  • 4. Correct the direction of the map is very simple, but this is the basis for all operations on the map: the map flat, and then map the north and north arrow on the north pole (arrow) alignment, corrected the map Direction, under normal circumstances are on the north and south of the map is drawn.
  • 5. The small lens and case on the wire used in conjunction with more accurate measurement of azimuth, the lens above the small slot allows you to more accurately locate the wire, the specific method is from the small lens through the North Slit And then rotate the azimuth plate so that the long line aligns with the card tip, and then read the angle from the lens of the azimuth plate, that is, the angle between the azimuth line and the north.
  • 6. According to landmarks and maps to determine their precise location: Select two different directions of the visible signs, respectively, measured azimuth, the map drawn on the intersection of these two azimuth extension line Is your location.
  • 7. At night or in the rugged area of ​​the march, the first North Point will be aligned, and then rotate the azimuth bearing plate to the destination azimuth angle, so you can always confirm the direction of travel, as long as the N-pole alignment, Walk along the direction indicated by the engraved line.
  • 8. Magnetic declination measurement: In a clear night, turn the bearing table card, so that the direction of the long-term direction of the table on the direction of indicators. From the small lens through the North Slit slit in the fine metal wire alignment Polaris, do not change the direction of the compass, carefully put the North Pole after the pin is referred to the degree of magnetic declination is located.
  • 9. This ring is not used for hand-held, but specifically tied lanyard, in the need for frequent use of both hands and was occupied, such as marching conditions, the scouts can hang it in the neck.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Compass

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Maxbell Outdoor Hiking Camping Compass Measuring Azimuth
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