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Skycandle Automatic Sensor Night Lamp (with Changing Colours)

  • Package Content : 1 Colour Changing Automatic Sensor Night Lamp
  • First Put Device In Plug And Start The Switch, Second Make Darkness As Possible, If You Want To Check Product In Day Light Then Cover The Sensor (LDR)(Located Below The Product) Properly And Light Will Glow.
  • This Lamp Only Work At Dark Night. Please Switched OFF the Lights.
  • Romantic bed lamp, Automatic Sensor, Creative mushroom shape
  • It is an automatic sensor Night LED bulb, so it will work when the room is completely dark
  • Color Changing & Power Saving LED Mushroom Lamp!!
  • This Lamp has Power Saving Sensors. Works in Dark.
  • It is an automatic sensor Night LED bulbs, so it will work when the room is completely dark.
  • Another way to check is to completely cover the sensor at the bottom. It will then turn on.
  • On this product we don’t offering US plug pin.
    • Wattage: 1.5 watts
    • Running Voltage: 220-230 volts
    • Bulb Base: B22
    • Lumens: 60lm
    Top quality Ingenious design of mushroom with lotus leaf design Vibrant and mild LED mild, ideal for home decoration Energy saving, environmental, low consumption and long lifestyles-span
    • Power: 220V 1/5W


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