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Ring Sizer Set Metal Ring Mandrel Finger Sizers of 27 Pieces US Size 2-15


- Ring sizer mandrel is made of aluminium.
- The 27 Pcs ring sizer gauge set is made of stainless steel
- Ring sizer gauge set has 27 Pieces, Size from 0 up to 13, with 1/2 sizes between each one(no quarter sizes)
Package Included:1 x ring sizer mandrel; 1 x ring sizer guage
It is lightweight and easy to handle,often used in the production of jewelry rings, wedding rings can also be scheduled through this tool


Mandrel Length: 24.7cm/ 9.72 inch Weight: 167g
Guage Weight: 0.12lb

Package Includes:

1 x ring sizer mandrel
1 x ring sizer guage

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