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Skycandle Face And Eye Mini Massager

  • Type:Magnetic Massager
  • Sub Type:Portable
  • Power Supply:Battery
  • Warranty:10 Days
  • Warranty Available:Manufacturer Warranty
  • Net Qty (No. of items inside):1

It is important that you massage it well to keep the blood circulation going. With the stress and busy lifestyle along with unhealthy food habits, our skin tends to lose the glow and lustre, thereby becoming dull. This is the reason why we require face massagers. Mini Face Massager is a utilitarian product and because it is portable, you can take it along with you on tours and trips. If you do not have time, you can also use it while at work. It relaxes the muscles and tightens the skin giving your face a healthy glow. The massager also improves microcirculation around the eye region, smoothening the skin. This product is now available at this portal at an affordable price. Design and Comfort The facial massager ergonomic design which makes it easy for you to hold and massage all over your skin. It is light in weight as well, and the sleek make of the massager enables you to carry it along with you wherever you go. It is also comfortable to hold. Features The massager helps you improve the blood circulation of your face keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy. It lightens wrinkles with long time use and also eliminates fishtail marks effectively. It helps in removing dark circles are well. The vibration of the massager is extremely light and will not harm you in any way. The massager also helps in improving the elasticity of the skin, making it suppler. Power The Face Massager is powered by a AA battery. (Battery not Include)

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